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New Petit Mal Album on CD & Download OUT 2nd Feb 2009
Petit Mal's debut LP, is now out. For more info click here.


New Petit Mal Single 7" Download OUT NOW - Vinyl on Nov 3rd 2008
Petit Mal's debut single, Crisis in the Credit System, is out now on digital download. Click here to download from emusic or here for itunes. The single will be followed by the release on CD of their debut album. The band were recently featured in the Guardian's 'band of the day' column (click here to read the write up) and played at the Analogue Festival in Dublin. To watch them playing Mt Dimension live at the festival click here.


Ontophonie - Difficult Fun Zine coming soon...
Difficult Fun are currently preparing a webzine of experimental text featuring Matthew Hyland, Brown Sierra, Howard Slater, Marina Vishmidt, Malika Sqalli and many others.
The zine will be launched later in the year with a 7" release featuring text-based recordings. For examples of some of the material click here.


Watch Heliogabalus live footage.
Difficult Fun are proud to present streaming video of Heliogabalus, playing live at the Foundry. Click here to view.

Polly II - DVD
Polly II, Plan for a Revolution in Docklands, a new film by Anja Kirschner (Asja Auf Capri) will be released in November. The DVD comes with an 8 page booklet. The 30 minute film has been described as a 'Brechtian sci-fi soap opera' and is set in a flooded East London populated by outcasts and pirates.

Polly II features music from Difficult Fun band Philosophie Queen and performances from Vaw's Cameron Bain & Evil.

For more information click here or see the film website.
For the trailer click here (bigger) or here (smaller / Explorer).


DF005 - Antifamily Debut LP/CD released January 2007
The new Antifamily LP is now back from the factory and due to be released Autumn 2006. It features 13 songs recorded in London and Munich. The band are due to direct and shoot a video for Work Cheap to be shown at the LP launch later in the year. For more information and excerpts from the songs click here.

Antifamily side project Petit Mal, are currently finishing off a mini-LP for release later in 2008 and other members of the Antifamily collective are also working on new music.


DF004 - Vaw and Heliogabalus Split LP released Nov 7th 2005

The new split vinyl LP featuring sides by Vaw and Heliogabalus will be out in the UK and Germany from the 7th November. Heliogabalus featured on the DF001 7" and Vaw's track on the Game & Errancy compilation was described by Other Music as 'beautiful, meandering Eno/Fripp-style guitar work'. Each side contains around 25 minutes of music.The cover features artwork from both bands, and the record comes with 2 inserts with track listings and information.


Difficult Fun Bands on Compilations
Asja Auf Capri's track, 'Contre Temps', (lifted from the Novi Ronde LP) will appear on the Rough Trade 'Counter Culture 05' compilation next year. The band also have another LP track 'Im Neuland' on the forthcoming Stolen Recordings compilation alongside other previous Difficult Fun bands like Philosophy Queen and Oxen of the Sun.

Meanwhile, Antifamily are to have an exclusive track on a CD compilation released by Zum, the SF distro and collective. The track, tentatively titled 'Rome is not a City' was recorded over a year ago and features Agnese Trocchi on vocals.

Difficult Fun on Resonance FM
Asja Auf Capri played a live session on the 'You Are Hear' show on London's Resonance FM. A Podcast of the session is available here. Difficult Fun were also featured on Real Time, the Rough Trade Radio show. DJ Simon Russell played 6 tracks from the new Game & Errancy compilation and interviewed David from Difficult Fun about the label and future releases. The show was broadcast live on 4th August 2005.

Asja Auf Capri Vinyl Version Available
The vinyl version of Asja Auf Capri's Novi Ronde LP (collaboration with new label Labil) has been released in Germany (distributed by Broken Silence distribution) and is now available direct from Difficult Fun. The LP has a silk screened cover, insert artwork and comes in a limited edition of 355. To find out more or order a copy at £8 + postage and packing, contact Difficult Fun.


Asja Auf Capri CD Available
The 11 track CD LP by Asja Auf Capri is now available from Difficult Fun. A vinyl version released in conjunction with new German label, Labil, will be out in March 2005. Recorded over the last 12 months the LP features a version of the track 'Chanson Risk' also featured on the DF001 compilation. The (German) lyrics are translated into English and available on the AAC website. Click here to check mp3s or realaudio excerpts of two new tracks from the LP.

To read some reviews of Novi Ronde click here.


Antifamily Record in Munich
Antifamily gathered at a studio in Munich in Summer 2005 to produce a new set of improvised pop recordings. The new material is in post-production and an album will be forthcoming.

Click here to hear excerpts from the sessions


Heliogabalus New Release and New Recordings
Heliogabalus have released another excerpt from their 'Tourette's is Normal' recording on the w.m.o/r label.They are currently recording new material which Difficult Fun hope to put out as a vinyl LP in the near future.






Difficult Fun Interview with Digfi.com
Difficult Fun were interviewed in May 2004 by Lars Jämtelid at Swedish music website digfi.com.
See the interview here

DF001 Launch Night
Bands appearing on DF001 performed live at The Eye, N16 in April 2004. For stills from the night click here.


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